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I strive to be open and honest with clients and potential clients every step of the way. I believe that once you’ve met with me and understand some of what goes into an effective defence, you’ll find you’re getting good value for your money.

Clients are not expected to pay all their anticipated fees up front. Most criminal proceedings take months to properly defend, and those that go to trial may take a year or more. Payment plans can be arranged so that clients can manage fees over time, and make payments as work gets done.

For most cases, I can provide a quote for a “block fee”, which is essentially an estimate of the work needed for the file. This will be the fee for the entire case, beginning to end, regardless of how many hours I actually spend on it. There are no hidden costs, as all the work (all court appearances, witness meetings, legal research, etc.) is built into this fee. Many clients prefer a block fee to billing based on an hourly rate, because it gives them the security of knowing how much the case will cost. Arrangements can be made to pay the block fee in installments.