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Stevenson Criminal Law represents people accused of any kind of criminal offense. It doesn't matter whether you're facing an assault charge or a murder charge, your case matters. 

Ottawa criminal lawyer James Stevenson has experience with criminal cases involving domestic assault; arson; criminal harassment; drug possession; drug trafficking; fraud; firearm possession; murder; sexual assault; and, more.  Mr. Stevenson has dealt with arguments about the admissibility of statements, electronic records, and other evidence. Some offences, such as sexual assault, come with additional rules of evidence. Mr. Stevenson has the experience to navigate those complex cases and other technical areas of the law, to find the most effective strategies, and to protect your rights.

Each criminal case is unique and requires an assessment of all the details. James Stevenson's thorough approach breaks down legal problems to assess each and every piece of a case.

Contact Stevenson Criminal Law today, if you or a loved one are facing a criminal charge in Eastern Ontario.